The documentary filmmaker Andreas Veiel searches for the background and motives for the suicides of three of his former classmates. “Abitur” class 1979: The rebellious, idealist Thilo wants to be a musician, fights for a better, just world, sympathizes with the thought of the RAF. The slightly clumsy Rudi was popular in school and passed his high school diploma with a top average. After two semesters, he gives up his law studies and flees to a college in Scotland. A year later he returns. Shortly afterwards he commits suicide. The outsider Tilman leaves high school already after the eleventh grade, makes an apprenticeship as a locksmith. He has only a few friends besides his musician colleague Thilo. After his death, Thilo accuses himself of being the murderer of his friend. Since he is involved in contradictions, he is not given any faith. A little later, he kills himself in the same way as Tilman did.